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I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now and I believe it is better late than never. Come join in on the curriculum fun and see what we’ve chose for the new school year!!


It is that time of year again where we homeschool moms are prepping all homeschool material for the new year and try to set some sort of plan and goals we’d like to achieve. Well we are starting this new year afresh and with brand new homeschool curriculum. We finished most of what we did last year and have started with some of our new curriculum during the summer. This past year I didn’t see excitement in my kids with the curriculum we were using and that concerned me.

I most of all want to cultivate a LOVE of learning in my kids. I want learning to be fun and full of wonder. So earlier this year I had an epiphany and really discovered the Charlotte Mason style of learning and fell in love. I wanted our curriculum choices for 2018-2019 to reflect the Charlotte Mason method of learning and so with that in mind I researched! I finally stumbled upon the curriculum that I was truly excited about and really think my kids will absolutely enjoy!!

Even though we are moving towards a Charlotte Mason style of learning we will continue with Classical Conversations for our third year. We are Classically Charlotte Mason!!! My little guy who is 4 almost 5 will be joining Foundations this year and he loves that he gets to be apart of school now!! With the Foundations portion of Classical Conversations you cover the subjects Math, English, Geography, Latin, Science, History, and a Timeline. However, you are advised to follow a Math and Language Arts curriculum of your choice at home. So when I say curriculum I am referring to Math and Language Arts. With out further adieu!



Curriculum Choices



The Good and The Beautiful

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts is a Charlotte Mason inspired and a faith based curriculum that contains multiple subjects and requires no daily prep time.  It is the best content with the simplest approach. It truly is Good and Beautiful. The art work that is weaved in and out throught the curriculum is gorgeous and light-hearted.  The subjects within this curriculum are Reading, Writing, Literature, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Phonics, Vocabulary, geography, and Art all intertwined together. Most of all it is extremely affordable! Levels 1 through 5 have a PDF download option for FREE. Yes for FREE! My 4 and 5 year old have started Level Pre-K and K and my 8 year old has just begun the Level 1 curriculum. My kids ask me to do their “reading lesson” and actually look forward to the fun games and overall exciting learning experience.

This curriculum is an open and go. You don’t have a separate teacher’s manual. The prep is essentially none.


The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum


Level 1 Reader…Aren’t the pictures just beautiful!!

Level 1 reader



Masterbooks: Math Lessons For A Living Education

I actually was dead set on another Math curriculum for this homeschool year  but I ran across this the night before and fell in LOVE!!! I loved how they learned through stories and the hands on activities they used to implement the math concepts.

This is also Charlotte Mason inspired Math curriculum where your child learns through stories. It uses stories to make a connection between a concept and real life. Making this connection means they will be far more likely to remember the concept in the long run. The hands on learning is another valuable way the children learn in this curriculum.  There are also worksheets for them to complete. The worksheets aren’t lengthy but valuable in copywork.

MLFLE is the most affordable Math curriculum I have come across. The Math curriculum is just one book per child. There isn’t a teachers manual; all answers are in the back. It starts out at $25.89 for the digital version and $27.37 for the print version. There is free shipping on all order over $75 and Masterbooks has a 100% Faith Grower guarantee. They are 100% positive your faith will grow using this curriculum!

The other great aspect of MLFLE is that it already has a schedule for you to go by. For me this is invaluable. I love a curriculum that guides me in what my child needs to do each day. This keeps me accountable as well. Some days we can double up for the sake of taking off another day.

My kids think Math is fun and that is exactly the result I was looking for!!

Math Lessons For A Living Education

My Son doing his Math Lessons!

Math Lessons For A Living Educations

Place Value Village is hands on and visual learning!!!

Place Value Village


We will be starting our third year in Classical Conversations and we know without a doubt it is the BEST curriculum for our children. We are in CC for the long haul and the fruit has already begun to show after 2 years in CC. The motto of CC is “To know God and make Him known”. How amazing is it that this curriculum is aligned with our mission at home. God is revealed in every subject and no denomination or belief is pushed.

As a mom I love the accountability this community and curriculum provides and the momma friendships are so valuable!!

The learning method of the trivium with the different stages of learning makes total sense. The grammar stage is where they learn lots and lots of facts which is the way a young child’s brain is naturally supposed to work. The Dialectic stage is where grades 7-9 are having discussions and asking many questions. They are gaining depth on the facts learned in the Grammar stage.  The Rhetoric stage is the stage that is build on the first 2 previous stages. The Rhetoric  stage the high school student learns to write and speak with strength and originality. These three stages build upon each other. The goal of Classical Conversations and the Trivium method is to “produce students who read well, think well, and lead themselves and others well.”




Throughout the week will will have an afternoon loop that switches between Art, Music, and Nature Walks! The kids are super excited about this new addition to our homeschool. We will use the The Playful Pioneers curriculum for the basis of our afternoon loop which includes a Read Aloud, Art Project, Copy Work, Drawing, Bible Reading, Narration and History. We won’t necessarily do everything every week because we do most subjects along with Classical Conversations. However, the Playful Pioneers gives me a creative basis to flow from. I could think of all these ideas myself but why do that when The Peaceful Press has done it for me! BAM!! That means more time to spend with my kids enjoying our homeschool learning experience!

The Playful Pioneers


IEW Phonetic Zoo

I have decided to include in our weekly homeschool routine a spelling curriculum for my 3rd grader who struggles with spelling. Several  homeschool moms recommended this spelling curriculum and said it had worked wonders for their child struggling with spelling. The Good and The Beautiful includes a spelling portion in their language arts curriculum however I had already purchased the IEW Phonetic Zoo way before I decided on TGTB. I am eager to see how his spelling changes over the course of the school year and will update you all on his progress.


IEW Phonetic Zoo Level A




For music we will be going through a piano book for beginners called “Pronto Piano”. My husband and I want our kids to learn a musical instrument and have been gifted with a gorgeous antique piano we will put in our new farmhouse. This guide is inexpensive and can be purchased at I only bought the hardcopy of Piano Pronto Prelude which is about $9.



For Art I tend to lack in this area and well to put it honestly I don’t like all the mess! I really do enjoy art projects and want to incorporate more time for these fun crafts. I will use The Playful Pioneers for most Art projects and will pull from pinterest for some projects that go along with our CC Cycle as well. If you have any suggestions, send them my way! I can sure use some guidance in the ART department!



We will be using the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum by Lynn at This curriculum is for a whole year with a guided study for each week. The week’s guide contains a poem, art, a themed nature walk, themed book list, references to the Handbook of Nature Study and extension activities for your child. This nature curriculum will also be a guide for a new Wild + Free group starting locally in my hometown. Raising Little Shoots Nature curriculum is having a sale where all her products are 20% off and it’s really affordable! Just click this link here and you can go check it out!


Exploring Nature With Children


Well I know that’s a ton of information to read so if you made it down to the bottom of the post I’m so proud of you! I hope you enjoyed our curriculum overviews for this new and exciting year!!

If you have any questions about any of the curriculum we are using please feel free to comment!


Are you using any of these curriculum this year??


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