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Why We Homeschool

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The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in their lives. Where will they attend school? Private or Public? Should you homeschool? Do we want them to have a Christian education? These are all questions parents have to contemplate when their child is getting to the age of starting Kindergarten.  All kids are different and have different ways they learn best. Keeping that in mind you must decide what is best for your child and what path you would like them to take in their education.

Personally, we put our first child in a wonderful private Christian school for Prek-4 and Kindergarten. We had two other kids and by the end of his Kindergarten year we were expecting child number four. Needless to say, four kids in private school was not in our budget. With the counsel of our pastor and family we knew we had a big support system. After many prayers and research we jumped on the homeschool wagon!! I would like to share with you the 5 main reasons we decided to homeschool.


1.      FREEDOM

We have the freedom to teach our children what they are interested in. If your child is interested in sharks, then by all means make a week or month of all about sharks.

A Christian education is very important to our family and being able to teach with a Christ-centered approach is without a doubt a necessity and a privilege.


         Kids are constantly learning. As parents we should feel called to cultivate a love of learning. It is always tough seeing a child struggle with homework or a particular subject,. Being able to teach in a way that they are engaged and active they develop a “want to” attitude with every subject. This year I have really seen the love of learning developed in my second grader as he ask to do certain subjects every day.

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   We, parents, are the BEST teachers for our children. In Classical Conversations, our homeschool curriculum of choice, you see this expressed continuously. We know our kids better than anyone else. We know when they are trying to get out of something or not trying as hard as they are capable. Being at home with them everyday, ALL DAY, you are able to build on that relationship between you and your child. You can help them with their weaknesses and build on their strengths. We really wanted more than a few hours at night and a couple hours during the busy weekend with our kids. We desired to spend more time with our kids and really create a lifelong relationships with them.



        Believe it or not, our kids lives are more SOCIAL than ever before! We are involved with several different homeschool co-ops in our small town and our kids love to play sports. Between co-op days, practice, and going to church we don’t have much time for any more social activities!! We are able to decide what kind of influences our child will face in these different social activities.



On a normal homeschool day we start around 9’00 am and we are done around 12’00 pm. This means you have the rest of the day to catch up on your latest Netflix obsession, laundry, or go grocery shopping. If something comes up and one or three kids are sick you can just take the day off! You are constantly teaching your kids about something even when you’re not doing a lesson.

The decision to homeschool must be consistently in your prayers and it is one that is not made lightly. We LOVE our homeschooling journey and where God has placed us. If you are considering homeschooling your child please don’t hesitate to message me! I would love to help another mother!




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