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Beach Hacks for an Enjoyable Family Vacation

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We look forward to our beach vacation every year and it is the most fun! I am a beach girl, always have been! My parents took me and my sister to the beach almost every year and now my husband and children have developed that very same love for the beach! Being a homeschool family, we take advantage of going before schools let out and it’s not too hot to enjoy being outside. However, when schools do let out for summer lots of families are headed to the beach. Moms are searching on pinterest forĀ  the best tips and tricks in taking a family to the beach! I’ve been to the beach so many times but I still hop online and search for anything that will make my beach trip with FOUR kids easier! Being a mom, we always try to think through every scenario that could possibly happen and try our best to be prepared. So I’ve complied a list of beach hacks you can use to make your life just a tad bit easier and hopefully you can enjoy your toes in the sand!

Best Beach hacks for a family vacation! No worries with these must haves and you can relax and enjoy!!!1

  • CANOPY TENT – We always bring a canopy tent AND an umbrella just in case. We usually have about 10 people with us on our family beach trip so the tent provides lots of space for multiple people to enjoy the shade. We have an umbrella as well if we decide one day we don’t want to lug the tent down to the beach or won’t be spending as much time at the beach that particular day. Always plan to have somewhere you can get in the shade.


  • CABANA KID TENT – Needless to say we carry this little kid tent with us too. It’s great for when your little one wants to take a nap and you don’t feel like going back to the room. As soon as we got to the beach everyday my 1 year old was ready for a nap. She actually slept really well in this tent. It provides a good breeze and lots of shade!


  • BEACH CHAIRS – We have carried the same beach chairs EVERY year and love the way these fold up and you can wear them as a backpack for easy carrying. There is also a storage pouch you can throw in your towel and sunscreen in if you aren’t bringing a beach bag


  • PUDDLE JUMPER FLOATIES – The Stearns Puddle Jumpers are the best thing ever! You put these on your child and you don’t have to worry one bit about them going under water. These particular life jackets are Coast Guard approved. If you have a child who doesn’t know how to swim I would highly suggest buying these for your peace of mind and your child’s safety!


  • KIDDIE POOL – Keep Babies and Toddlers corralled in a kiddie pool to keep cool and busy with sand and water toys! Walmart usually has the kiddie pools for less than $5 in their summer section. If you don’t feel like blowing up a kiddie pool you can always make your own kiddie pool out of a shower liner from Dollar Tree.


via Baton Rouge Moms
  • BEACH WAGON: If you haven’t figured it out by now, when you take kids to the beach they require a lot of stuff!! These beach wagons will fit all the stuff you need and more. I would make sure you get one that has all terrain wheels for easy pulling on the sand. You won’t be sorry you spent a little extra to have this life saver!

  • BABY POWDER: For some odd reason my toddler loved rolling in the sand! She would have sand stuck to her from head to toe. Thankfully we packed travel size baby powder for this very reason. By rubbing baby powder on their skin the sand comes right off!

  • MESH BAG FOR BEACH TOYS – Grab a dollar store mesh laundry bag or tote and throw all your sand toys in there for easy clean up. It shakes all the sand off your toys immediately instead of all the sand falling to the bottom of your bag.

Via The Idea Room

  • BABY OIL – Ladies, you know when your freshly shaved legs hit that salt water it BURNS!! I just discovered this beach hack and it totally works. Use baby oil after you shave to stop the burn and sometimes rash from happening.

  • SWIM DIAPERS – Disposable or Cloth these are necessary for a child who isn’t potty trained. We use the Pampers Splashers disposable swim diapers. Remember swim diapers are designed to only hold poop not pee!


If you’re like me and love lists then here is a Beach Packing List you can check out at House Mix Blog.

Enjoy your Beach Vacation!!!

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