CC Tools for Tutors

Tutoring a Classical Conversations class is a huge blessing on you, the parents, and the children. Tutoring not only equips you to teach your own children more effectively, but it also furthers your education in the classical model. The memory work in itself is enough. Sometimes that is a hard concept to grasp. Regardless of … Continue Reading

Simple Ways to Present New Grammar

I’ve been a Classical Conversations tutor for 1 year going on my second! I can honestly say it has been a learning experience and I absolutely love it! It helps that I have a wonderful CC Community and the students never had behavioral issues. I learned the hard way in the beginning when I would … Continue Reading

Beach Hacks for an Enjoyable Family Vacation

We look forward to our beach vacation every year and it is the most fun! I am a beach girl, always have been! My parents took me and my sister to the beach almost every year and now my husband and children have developed that very same love for the beach! Being a homeschool family, … Continue Reading

Homeschool Struggles: Where you can find comfort

We Are Going To Get REAL….Homeschooling Is HARD!   First there is the planning, which to be honest I have very good intentions of planning out the first 6 months of my homeschool year and it never happens. I need to improve on that! Planning takes TONS of time and ENERGY and many supplies! I … Continue Reading

A typical Classical Conversations Community day

A Day in the Life of Classical Conversations Community Day… Our family has been apart of the Classical Conversations community for two years now and I have tutored for almost one year! We always look forward to the week’s community day in our family as it is when we get to see our friends and … Continue Reading