Let’s be honest

I had great intentions of becoming a successful blogger. I thought I would have plenty of time to homeschool, blog, work part-time at home, build … Continue Reading

Southern Tomato Pie Recipe

It’s the middle of summer and if you have a garden you are starting to see your veggies are ready to pick! Garden fresh veggies are absolutely better and tastier than what you buy at the grocery store. One thing we most certainly grow every year is tomatoes. My husband has a thing where he … Continue Reading

The Farmhouse Diaries, Part 2

It has been one WHOLE year since we broke ground on our forever farmhouse home so I think it is more than appropriate to share many updates and exciting progress with our house. No, it isn’t finished yet. but I try to keep in mind we aren’t building a spec home. We are building a … Continue Reading

The Farmhouse Diaries, Part 1

In 2012 I was expecting my 2nd child and we were living with my In-Laws while we were renovating the SMALL house next door. I was due in September and we started the project in July! We quickly finished renovating a week before she was born and a day before my son’s 3rd birthday. We … Continue Reading

Summer Goal Planning

SUMMER IS HERE!!!! Raise your hand if your excited about the warmer weather and more time spent outdoors!!! ME, ME ,ME! I just spent the most wonderful day outside. There was no humidity and the wind was blowing and it was so enjoyable!! I know Summer will continue to get hotter and hotter but today … Continue Reading

Hope for the Mundane Mom

Moms, Working moms, stay at home moms, retired moms, work at home moms, homeschool moms and moms to be, we are all alike in that we have the same tasks we must get done every week or every day. These tasks are considered mundane and really NO FUN but they are inevitably going to get … Continue Reading

Practicing Gratitude

I’ll admit I have a problem. For the longest time I have always focused on the negative and why things aren’t going the way I want them to. I’m not sure where I picked up this terrible habit but I figured now is the time to change my way of thinking! Most negative thinking is … Continue Reading

5 ways to Conquer A Rough Day

From one Weary Mom to another: Yesterday was a rough day! My kids were asking for a snack every 5 minutes or complaining about having to get some school work done. There were 2 drinks full of sweet tea that were split all over the place (cleaner came the day before). Mommy monster had come … Continue Reading