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Homeschool Struggles: Where you can find comfort

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We Are Going To Get REAL….Homeschooling Is HARD!


First there is the planning, which to be honest I have very good intentions of planning out the first 6 months of my homeschool year and it never happens. I need to improve on that! Planning takes TONS of time and ENERGY and many supplies! I have a planner every year and forget to write in it. I am a planner ALL THE WAY, but I never have time to plan! So it stays in my mom brain where things are all bouncing around and never get “filed” away neatly. You know how it is!!

So you’ve started your homeschool year and its going well for the first WEEK….then you’ve finally caught up with yourself and you are TIRED! It’s OK to take a day off…this is homeschool and you are given FLEXIBILITY! Take your kids to do something fun…or watch a movie. Homeschool moms must take care of themselves because if your kids notice you are stressed then it will rub off on them and it will make up for a rough start to your homeschooling year. I am most definitely preaching to myself right now!


Then there is the guilt that sets in that makes you regret your decision to take a day off because you think your children will be behind. THEY’RE NOT! You need it and they need it as well.


The wonderful thing about homeschool is that is only takes maybe 3 hours of your day depending how long your child wants to drag it out for a math lesson! Then you are free to relax….who am I kidding…I mean do the dishes, laundry, pick up behind your toddler, read a book, or catch up on more school work if ya need to.

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Like I mentioned before homeschooling is all about flexibility and being free to learn what your child is interested in at the time. At this point in our homeschooling my son (2nd grader) looks forward to his reading lesson every day and asks to do it first. Now last year that was a totally different story. We switched curriculum and he looks forward to it now!

As homeschool moms and moms in general we are definitely not perfect and will fail sometimes but if you are in the midst of homeschooling take confidence in the calling God has put on your heart and the grace he provides us everyday. Know that he sees the fruit in you and your children in the everyday journey of teaching and learning. When you are feeling inadequate in your teaching or have lost your patience for the day don’t give up! Push through the lack of confidence satan tries to instill in our brain. Don’t give into the lies he wants you to believe.

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Homeschooling is one of the many wonderful gifts God gives us to be able to spend more time with your kids, develop relationships with them and we also get to learn alongside them the things we forgot or didn’t learn from our schooling days. As parents, We are the best teachers for our kids.  We (as in ME) need to praise God for allowing us the ability to stay at home with our children even though they whine when you ask them to do a lesson. Not all mom are called to homeschool your children, but those that are should see this as a blessing and I challenge you to embrace the calling!


I would love to hear from other homeschool moms, what are your struggles?

How do you find comfort in the calling of homeschooling?


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