Hope for the Mundane Mom

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Working moms, stay at home moms, retired moms, work at home moms, homeschool moms and moms to be, we are all alike in that we have the same tasks we must get done every week or every day. These tasks are considered mundane and really NO FUN but they are inevitably going to get bigger and messier if not taken care of. So what must we do?? Well if you had all the $$ you could hire someone to do it all for you. Or if you are like me we have to suck it up and get these tasks done!

The mundane task we complete daily is all for the glory of God. He moves and changes us in these mundane duties of motherhood.

The mundane is something that lacks interest or excitement….

So let’s see laundry, dirty dishes, ironing clothes, cleaning the bathroom, and the list goes on forever! Well I’ve gained a better and more positive view of all these mundane tasks.  It was Saturday night and I had begun ironing clothes for my family to wear to church on Sunday morning and I discovered God is with me in these mundane tasks. He has called me to be a mother and a wife and within this calling one of my jobs is to get these mundane tasks, such as ironing, done. Whether you have a job outside the home or your job is within the walls of your home we’ve all got these mundane tasks!

The mundane tasks of motherhood can be purposeful and marvelous.

One of the main jobs of a mother and a wife is to take care of her home.

When our homes are neat and in order we feel much better, our day runs smoother and our children are learning that a well-maintained  home is enjoyable.  I’m sure we all get these tasks done at one point or another but do we do it with grumbling and complaining or are we joyful and gracious? Honestly, Up until now I’ve done most of my housework with grumbling and a negative attitude. I’m sure I will do more grumbling and complaining at some point because I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. However, We can strive to embrace these mundane tasks with purpose and joy!

Mundane to Marvelous

Let’s approach our daily tasks with a grateful heart. Let’s be grateful we have laundry to do and more clothes than we ever needed to fold. Most often when I have to clean up cheerios or a mess from dinner I tend to think about how I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and FOUR kids! There will come a time when my kids don’t need me as much and there will be less messes to clean up but there will still be those mundane tasks to be done. Maybe just not as many! It really takes a change in your thinking to go from Mundane to Marvelous.

You were born for this

The famous Joan of Arc quoted “I am not afraid…I was born to do this” so we too may endeavor to boldly do our mundane tasks! You won’t get lost in the mundane. Life is full of surprises and your work is glorifying God.  The small insignificant moments are the moments God is working monumentally for His Glory.

This is Your Most Important Work


For more encouragement for the Mundane Mom check out this video clip of Christy Nockels (singer-songwriter and owner of the “Glorious In the Mundane” podcast).


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