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Let’s be honest

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I had great intentions of becoming a successful blogger. I thought I would have plenty of time to homeschool, blog, work part-time at home, build a new house, start a Wild + Free group and be great mom and wife. Turns out I’m not that kind of person. Whoever is able to do this please call me…I would like to know your secret.

Since about September of 2018 I started teaching ESL(English as a second language) for the company VIP KID. I get up real early, put on my game face, and act super peppy with cute Chinese kids. We have lots of fun teaching and learning and I make really good money for a stay at home mom. This job has created a new routine in my life. At first I was SUPER tired from waking up so early, but after the first week or two my body adjusted. However, I still am needing a short nap in the afternoons. With this job and homeschooling I am constantly teaching. Who knew I would be a teacher 24/7?

The new routing was a struggle for me because during my kids nap time I could be getting valuable blog work done right?? Not the case. I need my rest as much as my little ones do.

I’m not a night owl so that is not the answer to getting blog posts written.

I’ve come to realize that right now I will be a hobby blogger. My kids and marriage come first. I am deep in the trenches with my TWO year old who refuses to let me get anything done.

I’m okay with this.

I prefer to look at the positive side!

In this season of life God has provided my family with a bigger means of income, a brand new farmhouse, the opportunity to homeschool, no health issues and has opened the door to one of my other dreams of starting a Podcast!!! (

Blogging is one of my big dreams. Dreams to reach out to other women that need encouragement. I dreamed it would be a platform for mothers who are interested in homeschooling to gain more information and a sense of community. I still hope it can be. It will take time. However, my new venture I will be able to provide that same encouragement through speaking.

So I look forward to trying to carving out time for you mommas. Life has finally begun to slow down.

I humbly ask for your grace.

I hope you continue to spend time with me.

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