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Simple Ways to Present New Grammar

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I’ve been a Classical Conversations tutor for 1 year going on my second! I can honestly say it has been a learning experience and I absolutely love it! It helps that I have a wonderful CC Community and the students never had behavioral issues. I learned the hard way in the beginning when I would make things way too elaborate than they should have been. Once I figured out simplicity is better I actually really fell in love with tutoring! Don’t get ahead of yourself but always plan ahead. You will do amazing. Remember to always fall back on this list when you need a fresh idea to help recite memory work in the classroom or at home!

I’ve created a list of fun and simple ways a tutor or parent can use to present the new grammar for any particular week. Remember to keep it Stick in the Sand.

Simple Ways to Present New Grammar


1. ERASE KEY WORDS: As you repeat each sentence erase key words each time. See if the kids can recall the word that is missing.

2. POPSICLE STICKS: Grab a colorful pack of popsicle sticks at walmart. Write funny voices on one color, characteristics on another color, and actions on another color. Characteristics would be “If you are wearing _______’.  Actions would be hop on one foot or do jumping jacks.


3. BALL TOSS: Take a ball and have each student throw the ball around a circle and whoever gets the ball recites the memory work.

4. HAND MOTIONS: Look on CC Connected or come up with your own. Statistics show that if you say it and use hand motions together it greatly increases your ability to recall the information at a later time.  Something also fun would be to have the class make up their own motions.

5. HOLD BREATH: Class will hold their breath while a student says the certain subject memory work. Can the student say it all before the class needs to take a breath?

6. STRIPS OF PAPER: Print out a particular subject memory work on a piece of paper and have the students work together putting it in order. You could separate into teams or partners works well too.

7. STAND AND SIT: First student says as much as they can and then sits down and the next student stands up to say as much as they can and so on. Continue until the whole sentence or subject memory work is recited.

8. LOUD/SOFT: Have the kids recite the memory work going from a soft voice to a loud voice and vice versa.

9. SONGS: Classical Conversations has a CD I highly recommend every tutor to buy. You can use these songs for learning or check out CC Connected for more songs for your particular subject. I would suggest to only use a few songs a week and not only use songs.

CC Cylcle1 CD

10. ECHO MICROPHONE: Pass around the microphone and have every student have a chance to recite the memory work.

11. EMOTIONS: Have the students come up with an emotion and they all recite the memory work using that emotion. Emotions would be happy, sad, crying, mad, laughing, and tired.

12. GEOGRAPHY: Use small candy to put in the location you are learning. We like to use mini marshmallows or mini chocolate chips. Be sure to make sure your class doesn’t have any food allergies before you bring it to class. You can also just use a dry erase marker and ave them outline the country or location. When they are done have them erase one by one as you call them out.

13. TIMELINE: CC has a video online with the hand motions that go along with the timeline song. In our community we go over the timeline and hand motions in opening assembly and then review it once or twice in the classroom.


That’s it…remember to prepare and plan ahead. The day before community day I choose what songs I will sing and what way I will present the other subjects that don’t have a catchy song to go with them. I will write them down on a post it note in my Foundations guide to remind me during class.

Most of all Have Fun!

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