Intentional Summer Goal Setting
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Summer Goal Planning

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Raise your hand if your excited about the warmer weather and more time spent outdoors!!! ME, ME ,ME! I just spent the most wonderful day outside. There was no humidity and the wind was blowing and it was so enjoyable!! I know Summer will continue to get hotter and hotter but today was gorgeous! But while I was outside there was so many things running through my head. I was thinking about how I wanted to do this project and that project. Now that June is here I am already starting to panic about the Summer flying by. I know I have a problem, hehe. Trying to “live in the moment” while wanting to check a few big “To Dos” off my list this Summer.

I figured I needed to set some goals of what I wanted to accomplish and how I am going to accomplish these goals.

The months of June and July are the “Summer Months”. So why don’t we start by brainstorming what project big or small that we think we can accomplish during these two months. Make sure this goal is attainable and include your family in this goal making process. When everyone is on the same page things are more likely to get done!

For me personally, I have planned to have a HUGE yard sale at the end of June. Yard Sales are a lot of work and my house will most likely  be a wreck for the whole month of June while I am prepping to get rid of all the junk we have accumulated through the years. For July, I am planning to build a new chicken coop for my 2 chickens. We had 13 and now we are down to 2 and we’ve got to make some changes or we won’t have 2 anymore.

Well I’ve declared to you and the whole world my 2 goals/projects for this summer and I plan to get them done! You will keep me accountable right?

So here are a few steps I thought would be most important in mine and your goal making for this summer!


What do you want to get done in the month of June and then what project will you want accomplish in July? Are you going on a family vacation or deciding to stay at home and take care of some house responsibilities? Think about the obstacles that may arise and how you can keep persevering to achieve your goal.  How long will this project or goal take? How much will it costs? Do you need to buy supplies?




Look at your calendar and figure out when is the best time to start on your project.  Write it down. If it stays in your “mom brain” it wont get done. We all know how crazy our brains are and how flooded with “to do” lists can overwhelm and even fog our brains to where we don’t even know where to start. Once you write the goal or project down you have set it in motion. Another little tip…write it where everyone in your family can see it, like the refrigerator!


If you are going on vacation and still want to achieve that goal you need to first think about how much time this project is going to take. Do you need to do a little before and finish when you get back from vacation? Or maybe this goal will take only a weekend to get done.

Be Intentional about your summer


Intentional goal setting is when you define, declare and delight in the daily action. If you are intentional about the needs and wants of your family then you will have a meaningful and enjoyable Summer. Start your goals with a steady pace and enjoy the journey it takes you on to achieve your particular goals. Being intentional means a changing up your daily routine to get your conscious mind working.



Yes Life happens but making up an excuse that sabotages your goals will lead to no goal achievement. Excuses are simply because you are afraid of failure or laziness. Think of any excuses that may come up during your project and how you plan to eliminate them. You will be ahead of the game and ready to throw those excuses aside!




Have faith in yourself that you can achieve these goals and be flexible and willing to adjust these goals along the way. 

To Your Success,



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