Building a farmhouse. Progress takes time but it is oh so worth it!

The Farmhouse Diaries, Part 1

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In 2012 I was expecting my 2nd child and we were living with my In-Laws while we were renovating the SMALL house next door. I was due in September and we started the project in July! We quickly finished renovating a week before she was born and a day before my son’s 3rd birthday. We moved into this house in hopes to only live here about five years and then we would build a house on our back 5 acres. Our family has since grown by two more kids and are all sharing ONE bathroom. However, Our dream has come true and we are building our forever home which happens to be a farmhouse!!

This is the house we have been living in since September of 2012…you don’t want to know what it looked like before. Post for another day!

this old house+little old house+small house+family.jpeg

After looking at what seem to be a million floor plans we decided on a Southern Living floor plan. We chose the Winnsboro Heights Floor Plan which was everything that we needed with no wasted space. It is a 4 bedroom 3 and a half bathroom with an office. However, there was a few tweaks we wanted to make so we hired an architect to move some things around and make some spaces bigger.

drawing plans+architect+house plans+southern living+farmhouse.jpeg

In June of 2017 we broke ground on our farmhouse…little did we know this building a house process would take forever.

breakingground+building a house+farmhouse+footers.jpg

The night the footing was done and the kids were in bed my husband and I walked out to the house and we walked around and stood in each bedroom. Reminded me of Derek and Meredith Gray when they lit up the outline of their house in candles.  It was romantic!

pouring concrete+buidling a farmhouse+step 1+house+buidling our forever home.jpg

Pouring concrete….

There are Pros and Cons to living right next to the construction site. One Con is that the process seems forever because we are seeing it everyday. A Pro would be the fact that we’ve caught several mistakes that were easy to change since we check on the house often.

joist going in+floor joist+farmhouse+first floor.jpg

The foundation is being put in and the floor joist are being installed. For some reason my husband wanted a big crawl space.

Never did I quite understand the science and calculations it took to build a house. So many finite details and requirements.

first floor walls+building a farmhouse+farmhouse+living in a farmhouse.jpg

When walls started going up we got real excited! We were starting to see progress!

One thing you must have when building a house is p a t i e n c e!! Patience is key. Flexibility is also very important.  We have met with our contractor a lot about decisions that needed to be made or going over price quotes and etc.

second floor.+farmhouse+building a house+forever homejpg

Here is the second floor going up!! My son loved playing in the dirt piles all over the house. We also decided to go with brick all the way around the bottom of the house.  The brick you see in the picture is our front porch. We have 3 porches in our house plan. I wanted to have lots of outdoor space to entertain or to swing and enjoy the view.

Below is a picture of the back of the house where our screened in porch will be and there is a covered patio off of the back as well just not pictured.

back of the house+building a farmhouse+farmhouse.jpg

We are so blessed to be able to build our dream home and have it the way we want it. However, building a home does come with its sacrifices when you are within a certain budget. We have learned we both have expensive taste, but have learned to find other ways to get the look we want at a smaller price. We can’t wait to share the next phase of this building experience with you.



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