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The Farmhouse Diaries, Part 2

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It has been one WHOLE year since we broke ground on our forever farmhouse home so I think it is more than appropriate to share many updates and exciting progress with our house. No, it isn’t finished yet. but I try to keep in mind we aren’t building a spec home. We are building a custom home and the parts that we want take a long time to come in or have custom made. We can’t wait to move in but it will most likely be 3-4 months before that happens. The progress on a house slows down when it comes to the tedious work such as trim, painting, and all the other interior jobs that have to be done.

So remember from part one of The Farmhouse Diaries our house looked like this….

Building a farmhouse. Progress takes time but it is oh so worth it!

This was a picture of our second floor being finished. If you haven’t seen the first part of The Farmhouse Diaries click this link to check it out first!


AND NOW we have the roof finished, framing done, and the vinyl siding was going on the back of the house at this point.

 Farmhouse building adventures.

Our farmhouse was starting to look like a house and not like a construction zone. My father-in-law graciously let us borrow this cool old dump truck for the workers to throw all the scraps and trash away. I think it just goes perfectly with the house don’t you?

Like most farmhouses we went with the exterior color siding WHITE! Do you know why most old farmhouse were painted white? They were painted white or whitewash, also known as lime paint. to prevent mildew inside and outside the house. It was also the cheapest and easiest to apply and provided a clean, bright appearance.

We wanted the same appearance, Clean and Inviting!

Before the siding went on we had to have the windows installed. Well I insisted on black windows and they are hard to come by and considered custom. Needless to say, they took about 2 months to come in. Talk about having patience. It was hard to wait but I was glad I didn’t settle for something I didn’t love. This is our forever home so I knew I didn’t want to have any regrets.

Here are the infamous black windows…


Black windows is what stands out against a white house White house and black windows
















They were special ordered from Lowe’s. I insisted on having black windows for interior and exterior! It gives the house a modern but farmhouse look.


Now take a look at the siding and black windows!!!

Finished vinyl siding and windows are installed!

OH and we have DOORS now too!!!! They also took about 3 months to come in.  I absolutely love how this turned out.

Here is our lovely mahogany front door!! It still needs to be finished but is so beautiful!

Farmhouse front door

We went with a beaded siding which is a little different than regular siding. I has a little rounded edge that looks like this.

This beaded siding gives a little more dimension and adds extra character to the house.

Beaded siding on farmhouse. White farmhouse with black windows.

Here are our side doors which will be painted black. All of our doors interior and exterior have transoms above them.

We love the added character a transom brings and it makes it feel like and Old Farmhouse.

We also wanted to continue the old southern tradition of a blue painted porch ceiling. The reason why they would paint porch ceilings “haint” blue is to ward off spirits called “haints”. The sky blue paint may also tricks insects and birds into thinking it is the sky and take their nests elsewhere. We were able to find light blue vinyl beaded porch ceiling so all we have to do is spray any dirt off for cleaning purposes.

We won’t have to do any repainting with this porch ceiling!

A blue porch ceiling continues with southern tradition and adds a great splash of color!

I’ve showed you many exterior photos and updates but there has been lots of progress on the inside as well. We have all the sheetrock done and me and my husband installed a shiplap wall in our kitchen. This was a fun experience. My husband taught me how to use a nail gun and we had no trouble installing the shiplap wall. It was actually quite easy!

Shiplap wall in our farmhouse kitchen.

In between the two windows there will be a backsplash and our vent a hood which will cover the gaps you see in the picture.

Here are a few pictures of the downstairs with the finished sheetrock. Trim will be put in next!!!

Living Room. Building a farmhouse



Steps to the upstairs. Building a farmhouse!


Upstairs landing. Building a farmhouse!

It sure looks different from the first post and will continue to change as progress takes place. Our cabinets are going to be delivered soon and trim will be installed. The painter will be painting in the next few weeks. This house is coming together and I can’t wait to share with you the next stage in The Farmhouse Diaries!


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